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Hiking Waterfall La Vega and El Tagual

San Francisco, Antioch




1,396 msnm       máximo


Level 3.6 


17 seats max.


San Francisco is a small municipality nestled between the broken topography of Eastern Antioquia. Its vocation is agricultural and its inhabitants preserve, to a large extent, their rural peasant culture. From it start several bridle paths that reach the Magdalena River and that in past centuries were used by the muleteers.

On this occasion we will depart with our route from the main park of San Francisco along a road to the school in the Guacales village, where we will be accompanied at first by imposing views of Cerro la Teta and the municipality of Cocorna. Then we will begin a descent along trails and bridle paths   that will take us to a place in the middle of exuberant nature where we will make a stop to cool off and rest, we will go through gutters until we reach the road of the village el Tagual, we will take a steep descent to find the magical fall of   water over 85 meters high known as the Tagual   where we will have the opportunity to renew ourselves and recharge energy enjoying this waterfall. Then we return to the road to walk on flat terrain, we always surround ourselves with the best landscape, with mountains, rivers and many cocoa crops characteristic of the area  until the end of our adventure in the Medellín Bogotá highway at the entrance to the La Veta district.

Our outputs are characterized by being responsible with the environment, which is why we rely on the techniques NDR 
(Leave No Trace), our quotas are limited in small groups and defined by the carrying capacity of each place.


Sign up by clicking on the button that you will find below this description, the data you provide is required for the purposes of the medical insurance to which you will be entitled for said activity.
Registrations made with less time a 24 hours before departure are not entitled to cancellations, change of name and/or compensation.


  • Difficulty: 3.6 on a scale from 1 to 5​

  • Distance13.5 km

  •  Positive drop 604 m

  • Negative slope 1,079 m

  •  Maximum altitude : 1,396 m

  • Minimum altitude790m



  • Imposing views and landscapes of the central mountain range, cerro la teta and the municipality of Cocorna

  • Bridle paths, trails and gutters.

  • Waterfall the Vega.

  • El Tagual Waterfall.

  • Agricultural landscapes and tropical humid forests.


MIDE Cascada La Vega y El Tagual.png


  • Guide specialized in hiking and trekking. 

  • Refreshment.

  • Medical assistance insurance. 

  • Transportation Medellin- San Francisco - Medellin.



  • Trekking shoes or tennis shoes.

  • Comfortable sportswear for warm weather. 

  • Hydration 2.5 LT minimum per person.

  • Backpack of maximum 30 lt.

  • Swimsuit (optional) 

  • Bringing lunch is optional.

  • Bring a change of clothes* 

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