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Hiking JET BELLS - 


Technical information:

Level: 3.4 (scale from 1 to 5 based on MIDE) Intermediate

Distance:  5km

Height: 2,375/2,000 meters above sea level

Time:  4/5 hours of activity

Temperature: 26°/16°

Route type:  Roundtrip


To go to our starting point, we will take an integrated route * of the subway, which will take us to the Arenales village, once there, our adventure begins through the village, to quickly enter a beautiful native forest, which we will go through all the canyon of the La Miel ravine, it is here where the path becomes more interesting, since we will cross its cold and refreshing waters several times, in turn we will walk through alternate paths with some plains, short ascents and descents, in which we will help each other roots or rocks to climb, while we are observing different species of trees, plants and birds, as this area is quite biodiverse.

After almost an hour, we will arrive at our first destination, the impressive Chorro Campanas waterfall, approximately 50 meters high, there we can take a relaxing bath and feel the imposing fall of the water, after the break, our challenge continues, this time We will climb a short natural wall accompanied by roots.


Now begins our ascent in form, through the mountains, through native and pine forests, it will be approximately an hour in which we will gradually climb and rest, until we reach the highest part, where we begin to see in the distance our second destiny; El Salto del Ángel, to get to see this amazing waterfall, it will be necessary to put ourselves to the test, passing supported by ropes, roots and rocks along the path, around 15 min.  *Access to this waterfall is currently restricted for maintenance, so we will not visit it this time.

After enjoying the last waterfall, we return a short part of the way, to then take a detour to the old cathedral, now known as Santa Gertrudis la Magna Monastery, we will pass through a quiet pine forest, with mostly flat terrain and some ascents and descents  slightly steep, a path that will take us about 30 more minutes, once in the cathedral, we will rest a bit and we will return along the same path to the Arenales path.



includes :


  • Guidance: Professional guide and local guide

  • medical assistance insurance

  • Refreshment



  • Round trip integrated transportation Envigado-Arenales

  • Unspecified expenses

*We care about our planet, that is why, to carry out our routes, we rely on NDR (Leave No Trace) techniques and in favor of the conservation of each place, we take into account the load capacity, limiting our quotas, of This way we can also live better experiences in which we really connect with nature :)


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