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Pulpito del Diablo

expedition pnn el cocuy, gÜicán and chita

güicán-el cocuy, boyacá


The Outdoor Route takes you to one of the most amazing national parks  in Colombia, between large moors and snowy mountains we will travel through 2 of the main hiking trails in the Sierra Nevada de Güican, El Cocuy and Chita.

The El Cocuy National Natural Park is located  on the north of the eastern mountain range, between the departments of Boyacá, Arauca and Casanare. It is made up of 22 peaks with perpetual snow that range from 4,800 masl (Portales) to 5,330 (Ritacuba Blanco) which make up the largest glacier mass in South America  above the equator, and the largest in our country. This is a territory  sacred for the indigenous  UWA, who have inhabited this place in the Andes since ancient times .

Large Lagoon of the Sierra

It is located at 4,511 meters above sea level in the vicinity  to the concave glaciers  and concave, the route starts from 3,580 meters above sea level in the Hacienda La Esperanza, passing through the Valley of los frailejones, an ideal place to admire these centuries-old water purifying plants, between rocky paths we will arrive at the Cueva del hombre, a place of rest and preparation to continue the tour, which will take us before smaller lagoons, and paths between the moraine ,in a superpáramo environment that resembles a rocky desert, until we reach our main objective, the Laguna Grande de La Sierra.

Technical information:

Level: 4.5 (scale from 1 to 5 based on MIDE) Advanced

Distance:  17km

Height: 4,511/3,580 meters above sea level

Time:  11/10 hours of activity

Temperature: 10°/3°

Route type:  Roundtrip

devil's pulpit

The tour begins at Alto de La Cueva at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level, where the park's control cabin is located. At this point there is a viewpoint that offers visitors the opportunity to see the snowy peaks of the mountain range on its western face in all its splendor, especially in summer.


During the tour you pass through the valley of the Lagunillas River, the sector known as the square, continuing on to El Hotelito and later the so-called Paso del Conejo from where you have a panoramic view of the Cóncavo, Concavito, Portales and the beautiful Laguna Grande. from La Sierra, all on the left side and towards the front still slab rock walls that hide 600 meters ahead the view of the Devil's Pulpit and the Sugar Loaf. The Devil's Pulpit is a rectangular rock 70 m high; On its eastern side rises the snowy peak of Pan de Azúcar over 5,100 meters above sea level.

Technical information:

Level: 5 (scale from 1 to 5 based on MIDE) Advanced

Distance:  20km

Height: 4,900/4,000 meters above sea level

Time:  12/11 hours of activity

Temperature: 10°/3°

Route type:  Roundtrip

General itinerary:

Day 1
Bogota: 19:00

Day 2 
Arrival time to Guicán 9:00
: Acclimatization Hiking

Day 3
Hiking Laguna Grande de La Sierra

Day 4
Devil's Pulpit Hiking
Return to Bogota
:Guicán between 19:00- 20:00

day 5

Approximate arrival time to Bogotá: 9:00

It includes:

  • Public ground transportation Bogotá- Güican- Bogotá

  • Village transport 4x4

  • Lodging multiple accommodation type hostel x3 nights

  • 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 meals 

  • Income to PNN El Cocuy

  •  Medical assistance insurance

  • local guides

  • Acclimatization hiking in Guicán

  • Devil's Pulpit Hiking

  • Hiking Laguna Grande de La Sierra

Does NOT include:

  • Road food.

  • Unspecified expenses

+ Reserve your space with 50% of the value and pay the rest up to 20 days before the trip


Departures every day of the year
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