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bOLIVIA: Salar de Uyuni Expedition

Bolivia is a country without equal, it has  great riches hidden among the high plateau, such as volcanoes, lagoons, mountains of multiple colors, deserts, the largest salt flat in the world and a great diversity of indigenous peoples.

We will travel by plane, bus, 4x4, and boats through amazing landscapes, mostly exceeding 3,000 meters above sea level, in January it is summer season, where the weather is pleasant and the Salar de Uyuni fills with water and lets us see the impressive effect mirror where the landscape of earth and sky are combined on the horizon, we will also navigate one of the highest lakes in the world, we will visit the island of the Sun, we will walk the traditional streets of La Paz and its craft market of the witches, we will cross the salt flat and beyond this we will discover the Siloli desert, with its volcanoes and lagoons populated by Andean flamingos, the Eduardo Avaroa reserve and its impressive colored lagoons at the foot of the volcanoes.

The route:

Medellín or Bogotá - Copacabana- Lake Titicaca- Isla del Sol - La Paz- Salar de Uyuni- Eduardo Avaroa Reserve 

Experiences and destinations:

Día 1,2,3:


Tour the economic capital of Bolivia, shop in its traditional markets and experience cultural immersion tourism, learning about the stories that surround one of the highest capitals in the world. _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

El Glaciar Condoriri es uno de los más impresionantes y espectaculares glaciares de Bolivia. Se encuentra en la Cordillera Real de los Andes, a una altura de 4.600 metros sobre el nivel del mar, en la región de La Paz.

Es una de las montañas más accesibles donde podemos apreciar cumbres nevadas y grandes vistas impresionantes del altiplano boliviano. Con una superficie de alrededor de 8 km2, es un destino popular para los amantes del montañismo y el senderismo.

El glaciar es parte del Parque Nacional Cordillera Real, un área protegida que alberga una gran cantidad de flora y fauna únicas, incluyendo pájaros andinos, vicuñas y alpacas. Además, el parque es hogar de algunos de los picos más altos de Bolivia, como el Huayna Potosí y el Illimani.

El acceso a la base del Glaciar Condoriri la haremos por medio de una caminata de 1 día , donde atravesaremos hermosos paisajes montañosos y algunos de los pueblos más tradicionales de Bolivia. 

  • El día 3 nos desplazaremos hacia la cordillera Real, para el ascenso a la base del glaciar Condoriri en un full day cargado de aventura.

Día 4,5:


The highest navigable lake in the world, cross a bit of this immense one from the city of Copacabana, we will travel in boats that visit the island of the sun, a sacred place where it is believed the first Incas arose, get to know their culture and traditions closely, and enjoy unique Bolivian landscapes.

Día 6,7,8 y 9:


Live a unique tour in 4x4 trucks that will take you to inhospitable places, we will visit the Uyuni salt flat, we will sleep in a salt hostel in the middle of the siloli desert, you will get to know a large number of lagoons and volcanoes of the altiplano Bolivian, and the beautiful Eduardo Avaroa nature reserve.  

// January 2-11
From Medellin or Bogota




  • $1450 

  • The registration of your data does not ensure the quota, it is only ensured after the payment has been made

  • Only 15 seats available per date

  • You can book with a payment of 300 USD of the total value and pay the rest up to 20 days before the trip

  • You can pay in dollars or Colombian pesos according to the official dollar sales rate

It includes:

  • Guidance: accompanying guide

  • local guides

  • Transfers airport- hostel- Airport 

  • Round-trip air tickets from Medellín or Bogotá

  • Food: Breakfasts in the hostels

  • Full meals during the 4x4 journey in the Salar de Uyuni x 3 days

  • Multiple accommodation hostel type lodging

  • International medical assistance insurance

  • Income and transfers to the sites to visit:

  • Tour of Copacabana, Lake Titicaca and visit to the Island of the Sun

  • Tour of the center of La Paz and the traditional market of "Las Brujas"  

  • 4X4 Tour Uyuni Salt Flat 3D/2N

  • Visit to the Eduardo Avaroa Reserve

does not include:

  • Lunches and dinners not mentioned

  • tips

  • Income and optional tours

  • Unspecified expenses     


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