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Hiking crossing  Támesis- Jardín 

The municipalities of Tamesis and Jardín are separated by a great environmental barrier where the top of Santa Ana and the top of La Raya meet (the great Thamesis-Jardin blade) will be our great 22k challenge, passing through pre-Hispanic paths, gutters, Andean and high Andean forest, get ready to live one of the most technical and complete routes that southwest Antioquia has.





*Wear sportswear, trekking shoes or tennis shoes with good grip.
* Apply sunscreen.
* Carry hydration.

* take food for the journey

* carry headlamp


Technical Data :

* 24k 

* Level 4.5 (you must have trekking experience) 

* 10 hours of activity approx.

* Altimetry: 1,600-2,750 masl

It includes:

* Guidance
*Lodging 1 night in Támesis, Antioquia, individual accommodation 
* Medical assistance insurance

* 1 Snack


Does not include:

*Transport Medellín- Támesis- Jardín- Medellín 


The meeting in Támesis is on Saturday at 9:30 pm in the main park, so the departure time is at the discretion of each participant, just as the return to Medellín is at the convenience of each participant on Sunday one Once the trekking in the municipality of Jardín is finished.


Sign up by clicking on the button that you will find below this description, the data you provide is required for the purposes of the medical insurance to which you will be entitled for said activity.

15 cupos 

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