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Expedition  Patagonia: Pnn Torres del Paine 

Patagonia is an inhospitable place that has attracted the attention of adventurers, athletes, expedition members and scientists from all over the world for decades, attracted by the great and incredible landscapes of the end of the world, the extreme south of America, and the great natural diversity that there it lives in extreme conditions.

Torres del Paine National Park brings together all the Patagonian characteristics in one place: perpetual snow, low temperatures, strong winds, unique flora and fauna, a strong European influence, which makes this a place like no other.

The W circuit is one of the best-known treks and tours of the park, named after the line that forms when completed, walkers from all over the world come to the park every season in order to carry out this great route, made up of viewpoints, glaciers, granite mountains, rivers, forests, and a number of attractions that only exist in this place.


The Outdoor Route takes you on a unique route from Colombia in the Patagonian summer, where in addition to doing the W circuit, we will discover other incredible places in Chilean Patagonia. 

W Circuit Trekking Itinerary

Day 1

Start of the trek Central refuge- Torres base viewpoint- Central refuge // 18 k 

The W circuit begins with the ascent to the Base Torres viewpoint, where the famous Torres del Paine are located.

In approximately 8-9 hours of round trip trekking, and only with the assault backpack, we will be able to reach from 120 meters above sea level to 870 meters above sea level where we will be able to appreciate one of the most iconic landscapes of the entire circuit and return to our base camps.

Day 2

Central shelter- Campamento  French // 17k 

The second day of this great tour begins with our transfer from the base camp (Refugio torres central) to the French camp, loading all our equipment (option 1) or with  our basic backpack for option 2,_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ enjoying 17 kilometers and about 8 hours of views of Lake Nordenskjold and Mount Paine

Día 3

French Camp - British Lookout - Pehoe Refuge // 25 k 

This is undoubtedly one of the most complex days of the entire w circuit, starting from the French valley, ascending to the British viewpoint en where we will have a unique perspective of the Paine mountain range, returning we will continue to the camp from the refuge on the shores of Lake Pehoe, on a 25-kilometer journey and about 12 hours of travel.

Day 4

  Pehoe Shelter- Gray Shelter- Gray Glacier- Gray Shelter 13.61 K 

From the shores of Lake Pehoe, we continue our 4 day trek on a route of constant ascent for 4 to 5 hours, with winds of more than 80 k/h that cool down_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_As it passes through the gray glacier, we are put to the test on arrival at the Los Patos lagoon, where after a short rest we will continue to the gray refuge where we can spot one of the most large glaciers in the park, and one of the most comforting landscapes of the expedition.

day 5

Refugio Grey- Optional activity in the Gray Glacier - Refugio Pehoe- Puerto Natales 13,61 k 

Our last day in the park will be enjoyed with an optional activity on the Gray Glacier, where we can do activities such as Kayaking on the Gray Lake, hiking on the Glacier, or navigation to the icebergs, contemplating the shocking magic of the glaciers and the Patagonian ice field.

Once the activity is finished, we will return in a trekking of approximately 4 hours to Lake Pehoe where we will take a catamaran that will start our return to the city of Puerto Natales.

Información Técnica

  • Duración total del trekking: 5 días

  • Duración en horas por día:  6 a 8 horas en promedio por día

  • Kilometros Totales:  87,22 KM

  • Kilometros por día: 18 KM // 17 KM // 25 KM // 13,61 KM // 13,61 KM

  • Desnivel positivo y negativo acomulado:  3.000 MTS

  • Altitud minima y maxima: 50 MSNM Y 1.000 MSNM

Es importante aclarar que las informaciones presentadas son datos aproximados y pueden variar dependiendo de las condiciones especificas de cada participante y las variaciones del terreno y clima del mismo.

Tour of Patagonia

Hiking Lighthouse San Isidro // Punta Arenas // Puerto Natales, Chile //

Optional Activities:

  • Navigation in the Strait of Magellan and penguin sighting in Magdalena Island.

  •  Hike on the Gray Glacier PNN Torres del Paine

  • Kayaking on Lake Grey 

  • Full day tour and Perito Moreno Glacier Navigation


06-18 Diciembre 2024

Salida desde Medellín o Bogotá, 10 cupos disponibles

Investment : 

2200 USD   Registrations made until July 1 apply a discount of 100 USD.

* For shelter option or armed tent in each camp consult our email

It includes:

  • Air tickets _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Medellín- Punta Arenas - Medellín or Bogotá - Punta Arenas- Bogotá   

  • Internal transfers Punta Arenas- Puerto Natales- Torres del Paine.

  • Approach bus  internal Torres del Paine.

  • Catamaran Transportation  Pehoe.

  • Foreign entry Torres del Paine.

  • Private camping area, bathrooms and shower with hot water x 5 nights*

       * Según disponibilidad  del parque.

  • Hostel-type lodging multiple accommodation in Puerto Natales, Chile

  • Hostel type lodging multiple accommodation in Punta Arenas, Chile

  • Breakfasts in hostels x 3 days.

  • Breakfast and lunch on the last day  in torres del paine.

  • Guide  certified companion in WFR (Lifeguard in wild areas) NDR

       ( mínimo  impacto en actividades al fresh air)

       Certificado por la fundación de trekking Chile y la NOLS Patagonia.

  • Satellite communication in case of emergency

  • GPS tracking in real time  and access to the application  to share the route with family or friends

Does not include:

  • Covid PCR test required (In case you do not have 3 doses of the covid-19 vaccine

  • Lunches and dinners not specified, Food during the trekking in Torres del Paine

  • Optional Activities

  • Camping equipment (rental option)

  • Unspecified expenses

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